CONTACT- Ms. Pratiksha Mob-8806232428 Manasi Mess


CONTACT- Ms. Pratiksha Mob-8806232428
Manasi Mess & Tiffin’s
We Serve Food That You Can Eat Everyday!
Food For Thought
Working Couple……..!!! No Time To Cook Early Morning……..!!!
Single In The City……..!!! Mommy Wants A Break……...!!!
Your Cook on Vacation.......!!! Too Tired To Dial A Meal Everyday……..!!!
Manasi Mess & Tiffin’s
Our aim is to serve you tasty HOME-COOKED food.
Experience the real Flavors of the Masala.
You can now take a break from spicy and oily meals.
Our MENU is Simple, Innovative & Exciting
Every Week!!!
Manasi Mess & Tiffin’s @ Door Steps.
Are you away from home and missing your mom’s homemade food? Are you looking for a homemade food service near your office or place? Are you tired of ordering food from outside?
We provide different menu each day...Our motto is to provide hygienic and excellent quality tasty home made food. We Deliver at your doorstep.
Manasi Mess & Tiffin’s is specially organized for those who are away from home and missing their mother’s food. At Manasi Mess & Tiffin’s we provide fresh, tasty and healthy Veg & Non-Veg food/ khana of your choice.
Manasi Mess & Tiffin’s is delicious and affordable. We keep changing our menu according to our customer’s suggestions. Hence our customers never get bored of eating the same food everyday.
We don’t use any unhealthy ingredients. We use homemade masala’s, fresh vegetables and quality food grains to prepare Tiffin’s. Since Manasi Mess & Tiffins is prepared at home, the food/khana is hygienic and cooked with motherly love.
The food is fully Indian, Fresh, Homely, Hygienic, Healthy & Nutritious.
Manasi Mess & Tiffin’s is served in good quality and clean Tiffin boxes.
We choose to serve good quality food to only selected areas in Nashik and limited to people so that we don’t lose the quality of our food due to heavy burden of serving many people.
We offers best quality of home like food at affordable rates with best and hygienic packing in aluminum boxes use and throw.
We offer Tiffin service contact for further details.
Tiffin: Full Indian meal plans on all 5 days of the week
Tiffin service available for on monthly basis
(For cancellations, Call/SMS/Email on a prior day
Or Before 10.00am for Lunch & 6.00pm for Dinner on the same day)
Call: 8806232428
 Please Contact 1 day before for Party & Bulk orders.
Are you Fad Up from Hotel Food?
Have you Fad Up from Poli Bhaji Kendra food?
Already tried so many poli Bhaji kendra and all different tiffin services?
Then your search for Best Veg. Food is finish on us
Call Ms. Pratiksha – 8806232428 for details address as well as food. We welcome Food lover who can pay exacts cost for best food…

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