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The Domain Expertise of Realm is Project Finance Consultancy. Services ancillary to such domain expertise as highlighted in its website include:-

1.Formation & registration of Partnership firms, private/public limited companies, companies limited by guarantee such as NGOs etc., limited liability partnership (LLP)/ Co-operative society or any other entity, institution, establishment or concern.

2.Obtaining PAN, TAN. VAT TIN, Service Tax Registration Numbers, Import Export Code (IEC) Registration, Profession Tax Certificate No. Profession Tax Enrolment No. Registration with & In-Principle Approval from APEDA, Registration for Provisional {Part I) & Permanent (Part II} SSI/ MSI Certificate with DIC, BRL License from State Excise Department required for Manufacturing & Bottling of Wine along with other licenses issued by State Excise Department, ‘Consent to Operate’ & ‘Consent to Establish’ from Pollution Control Boards, Exemption under EPCG for import of capital goods, stamp duty exemption certificate from DIC, Certifications from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Realm Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd;
1, Niwas Blossom, Sharanpur Trimbak Link Road,
Canada Corner, Nashik – 422 005.
Telefax: 0253 2317160. 0253 2316163
Cell : 9326259460, 9822059460.
E-mail : visit us @

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