Services of Turnkey Implementation of Selected Projects


1.Preparation of blueprint of the implementation of entire project

2.Organization & procurement of appropriate technology & technical experts to implement, execute and run selected projects on turnkey basis

3.Active participation in every stage of the projects, with prior written consent of the clients, to the extent and in the form pre-determined with clients

4.Preparation, drafting, execution, registration & compilation of various deeds, agreements, affidavits, resolutions, reports and other documents including property title search reports & R.O.C. search reports, certificates of valuators & other professionals, as per requirements of the banks/financial institutions/sanctioning authorities

5.Invitation & compilation of quotations, negotiations, coordination, and dealing with various parties concerned with the projects, specially vendors, suppliers of machinery, equipments, resources etc.

6.Arrangement of Pre-sanction & Post-sanction inspection visits of authorities of banks and other Government Departments etc.

7.Representation before and Liaison with banks/financial Institutions/sanctioning authorities various Government departments, boards, bodies & professionals on behalf of clients including customs clearance of project related imported goods on behalf of clients.

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