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We provide expert consultancy services regarding the same enabling our customers to gain spiritual satisfaction and prosperity. We also provide astrological services assisting our clients to understand their present problems, the remedies to negate the ill effects of planetary positions and the suggest them future course of action for healthy and prosperous life. We have an immaculate track record of offering authentic, reliable and result oriented services. We have been offering our services to many high profile clients in and out of India.

ePanchvati comes from the root name is Panchvati, which is heart of holy place Nasik. Where the world famous "Kumbhamela" is arrange & perform after every 12 yrs. The place where lord Rama came for his 'Vanvasa period' & killed 14 millions of evils in this panchvati area. Thus because of lord Ram's grace here every puja (worship) got success itself..

World's most famous temple name of Kalaram Mandir situated here. Where Statues of lord Rama, Laxman & Sita Mata build itself in river Godavari. These statues are 1000 yrs ago & temple builds by Peshwa's sardar Shri. Rangrao Odhekar by the spending of Rs. 22 lakh in year of 1750.Thus is it most beautiful mythological place where Puja-vidhi's can be perform.

ePanchvati is the brand service for puja-vidhis run by Pt. Krishnaji & his son Harshal Pujari who is qualified & practicing to giving the solution problem in daily life through puja-vidhis as per Hindu mythology (shastra's) suggest for the mankind. Having a vast experience from generations to generations at panditji's stage. Pandiji retired from Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., - a reputed company, which produce fighter-plane for Indian Army. & Doing these puja-vidhis for the helping those people who need solution of problems in their life With 100 % guarantee all of problems will finish & found happy result forever in less than one week. & Mr. Harshal Compling his Computer Engg. & work for Organiser Of ePanchvati services in the arena of internet technology.

Pt. Krishnaji's has ability to cure people & solve their problem due to 40 yrs experience. Over thousand of satisfied clientele are leading a happy & peaceful life due to Pandijti's prayers & puja-vidhi services. ePanchvati provide the art of puja-vidhis for obtain the success of physical, logical (beyond death) & spiritual life. We suggest the people for puja-vidhis according to their problems & mottos. So Contact us & stop worrying & obtain peace of mind.

ePanchvati has wide team of experience pandit for providing these services under the great guidance of Krishnaji's.

Services (Puja-Vidhis)

A ) Horoscope Consultancy :
According to your birth details (Horoscope) it is examine that what problem , situation happen in your life. & dip study of every planet clarifications Positive or Negative in terms of your life in your horoscope & predict the result which of puja-vidhi suitable for Change the Negative result into Positive to become successful healthy life .

B ) Positive sign puja - Puja-vidhi's - (Puja vidhis held at Nasik)
Vastu-shanti (New house/plot/flat purchasing pooja),
Satyanarayan maha pooja
Marriage puja,
Murti-pranpratistha (New Statue of god at our home pooja),
Navgraha Shanti,
Navchandi Yagnya,
Maha-Mrutyujaya jaap Vidhi,
Laghurudra, Kalash pujan, Home-Havan, Rahu-Ketu pooja,
Sade-sati Remedies, Shanti path (Puja for New born babby),
Shani dosh , Mangal Dosha pooja
Hindu Sanskar Pooja etc. .
Sai baba Puja / Abhishek

C ) Negative sign puja - ( Puja-Vidhis held at Trimbakeshwar )
Tripindi - ( 1 day pooja )
Nagnarayan Bali - ( 3 days pooja )
Pind daan -
Antim Sansakar & related pooja. ,
10th 14th of puja after death.
Pishacha badha & others….

D ) Sai-Bhajan Sandhya Program: "Ek sham sai ke naam "
ePanchvati provide tremendous service of Sai bhajan program which is cometriated on life of Sai baba in Shirdi which is perform by Sai sans than priest Mr. Pramod Medhi. He has many Cassettes & cd's on saibaba bhajan sandya, Artiya which is perform in Shirdi Mandir. "Ek Sham Sai ke naam" is the program which based on sai baba's bhajan with all musical instruments. We arrange more than thousand programs for sai bhakta. In varies countries in the world. Famous personalities are averred with our programs.

Our esteemed clientele includes customers from countries such as:
India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, Nairobi, Italy, USA, UK, Germany, Australia.... and many others
We look forward to having a long term relationship with our clients . For any queries please do call us at our office. We assure you of a very prompt reply!

Contact : Pt. Krishnaji - Harshal Pujari
4266, Kalaram Mandir, Panchvati, Nasik 422003
Tel.: 0253-2620206

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