Maharashtra Darshan
About 107 km from the city of Aurangabad, the rock-out Caves of Ajanta nestle in a panoramic gorge, in the form of a gigantic horseshoe. Among the finest examples of some of the earliest Buddhist architecture, cave paintings and sculptures, these Caves comprise Chaitya Halls, or shrines, dedicated to Lord Buddha and Viharas, or monasteries, used Buddhist monks for meditation and the study of Buddhist teachings. The paintings that adorn the walls and ceilings of the Caves depict incidents from the life of the Buddha and the various Buddhist divinities. Among the most interesting paintings are the Jataka tales, illustrating diverse stories relating to the previous incarnations of the Buddha as Bodhisattava, a saintly being who is destined to become the Buddha.

Getting there
There are plenty of tours operated from Aurangabad to the Ajanta Ellora Caves. These tours cover all the other attractions enroute the caves from Aurangabad.
By Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad 108 kms.
By Rail: Jalgaon, 58 kms. on Central Railway is a convenient railhead.
By Road: Mumbai-Ajanta, 491 kms. via Jalgaon. Mumbai-Ajanta, 487kms. via Manmad. Mumbai-Ajanta, 499 kms. Via Pune.  

Ideal for a sojourn
The hot springs,Nityanada Ashram,Gurudev Ashram and Vijreswari Temple are some of the spots to see.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai, 60 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Thane Kalyan on Cental Railway and Vasai Road on Western Railway
By Road: Mumai Akloli 80 kms. Via Bhivandi and 88 kms. Via Ghodbunder

A charming hill resort, nesting in sahyadri mountains at an altitude of 690m surrounded by thick forests and Vardant hills and valleys. Numerous view point after panoramic vistas of the valley. Hiranya Keshi offers hours of fun for anglers. Nagatra falls and Narayangad are perfect for picnicking.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Belgaum, 64 kms.
By Rail: Sawantwadi 28 kms on Konkan Railway is convenient railhead
By Road: Mumbai – Amboli,569 kms, Pune – Amboli ,390 kms, Ratnagiri – Amboli, 215 kms.
State Transport and Luxury buses run from Vengurla,Belgaum,Sawantwadi and Ratnagiri to Amboli.


A pilgrim center for great significance, since it is considered to be the first (aadya) of the 12 Jyotirlingas in country Airport from this honour, the temple of Nagnath has exquisite carvinges.Nanded 64 kms by road from Aundha, is famous for the Sach Khand Huzur Shib Gurudwara where Guru Govind Singh’s ashes are buried.

Getting There
By Air: Aurangabad 210 kms is a convenient airport
By Rail: Chondi, 21 kms is a convenient railhead Mumbai – Chondi, 614 kms.
By Road: Mumbai – Aundha, 589 kms Nagpur – Aundha, 359 kms

A quiet, away-from-it-all, little holiday resort, with lovely picnic spots. Arhur Lake set amidst scenic forests affords many hours of entertainment. The streamlet forms the lake cascades down 45m. as the Randha Falls. The Wilson Dam at a height of 150 m. is yet another lovely sight. Overlooking Bhandardara is Mt. Kalsubai, the highest peak in the state.
For adventure-loving trekkers, Bhandardara is an ideal destination. The Ratangad Fort, one of Shivaji's favorite forts, is an interesting climb.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Pune, 95 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Pune.
By Road: Mumbai-Bhimashankar, 265 kms. via Pune.



Bhatye is in the outskirts of Ratnagiri town. You can camp across the bridge in MTDC's tent resort, amidst whispering casuarinas. Water sports facilities at Bhatye offer you some exciting options. Join the excursion to Pawas to see the Swaroopanand Swami Ashram.

Getting there:
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai.
By Rail: Nearest railhead us Ratnagiri 6 kms. on Konkan Railway.
By Road: Mumbai-Ratnagiri, 356 kms.


Bhimashankar is the temple containing one of the five jyotirlingas found in Maharashtra. Nana Fadnis, an eminent statesman of the Peshwa days, constructed the beautiful Shiva Temple at Bhimashankar. The wooden entrance of the temple is beautifully carved. On Mahashivratri day, over 20,000 devotees attend a special religious fair. Bhimashankar is endowed with beautiful scenery and an all-around vibrant atmosphere. Besides the Shiva Temple and the dense forest surrounding it, you can also visit Bombay Point, Gupta Bhimashankar: the origin of Bhima River, Hanuman Tank and Nagphani Point.

Getting There
By Air: Aurangabad 210 kms is a convenient airport
By Rail: Chondi, 21 kms is a convenient railhead Mumbai – Chondi, 614 kms.
By Road: Mumbai – Aundha, 589 kms Nagpur – Aundha, 359 kms



Towards north of Mumbai lies Bordi,a quite sea site resort fringed by casuarinas. The Dahanu – Bordi beach stretches approximately 17 kms The are is famous for chiku and other fruit orchards.You can also visit to Udvana, where the sacred flame of Zorastrians is kept burning. Bordi also known for boarding schools.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest Airport is Mumbai ,145 kms.
By Rail: Nearest Railhead is Gholwad, 2kms also accessible for Dahanu Rly. Station 15 kms.
By Road : Mumbai – Bordi, 145 kms , Dahanu – Bordi,15 kms



Featured in the epic, the Mahabharata, this is the place where Bheema killed the villainous Keechaka in a herculean bout and then threw him into the valley. It thus came to be known as Keechakadara -- Chikhaldara is its corruption. But there's more to Chikhaldara. The sole hill resort in the Vidarbha region, it is situated at an altitude of 1118 m and has the added dimension of being the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra. It abounds in wildlife -- panthers, sloth bears, sambar, wild boar, and even the rarely seen wild dogs. Close by is the famous Melghat Tiger Project which has 82 tigers. The scenic beauty of Chikhaldara can be enjoyed from Hurricane Point, Prospect Point, and Devi Point. Other interesting excursions include Gavilgad and Narnala Fort, the Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, the Tribal Museum and the Semadoh Lake.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Nagpur.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Badnera.
By Road:Mumbai-Chikhaldara, 763 kms. Nagpur -Chikhaldara, 230 kms. Amravati-Chikhaldara, 100 kms.


The jungle resort of Dajipur is situated on the border of Kolhapur and Sindhudurg districts. Surrounded by rugged mountains and dense forests, this secluded little place is completely cut-off from human habitat. Home to bison, wild deer, chital, gawa and many more spectacular wild animals and birds. Dajipur is an exciting and beautiful holiday getaway, situated 1200 metres above sea level. An excursion in the vicinity to the Gagangiri Maharaj's Math makes for a pleasant outing. This scenic resort near the backwaters of the Radhanagari Dam is highly recommended for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Belgaum.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Kolhapur on South Central Railway
By Road: Mumabi-Dajipur, 490 kms. Kolhapur-Dajipur 80 kms. Radhanagari-Dajipur, 30 kms. Phonda-Dajipur, 20 kms.


9 nautical miles across the sea from the Gateway of India lay Elephanta, also known as ‘Gharapuri’. Visit this green island for the wonders of the 7 th century, the painstakingly hewn rock-cut cave temple, dedicated to Shiva. The Maheshamurti panel in which Shiva is shown as a creator, protector and destroyer, is a sight that should be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. Regular excursions to Elephanta start every day from the Gateway of India. Make sure you visit the Chalukya Restaurant run by MTDC.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai 20 kms. upto Gateway of India, and 9 nautical miles across the sea.
By Rail: Nearest railhead are Churchgate (W.R.) & Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST, C.R.)


The sun-kissed beach and lush green of Ganapatipule inevitably draws tourists back, year after year. The added attraction is a 400-year old temple which houses the Swayambhu Ganapati.

Some interesting excursions are: Malgund, the birthplace of Keshavsoot, the Marathi poet.

Ratnagiri, the birthplace of Lokmanya Tilak, and Thebaw Place, where the deposed king of Burma was confined. Jaigad Fort and Swami Swarupanand's Ashram in Pawas are also worth a visit.

Water Sport facility available (Except during monsoon).

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai.
By Rail: Convenient railhead is Ratnagiri, 50 kms. on the Konkan Railway.
By Road: Mumbai-Ganapatipule, 375kms. via Mahad. Pune-Ganapatipule 331kms. via Satara, Kolhapur-Ganapatipule, 144kms.

Not for nothing is it named the ‘Mahabaleshwar of Thane district,. In beauty and climate it is no less. And there’s so much to see the majestic Dadara Kopra Falls, Jai Vilas, the palace of the tribal kings, the Hanuman and Sunset Points and the enthralling Shirpamal, where Shivaji chose to camp on way to Surat.

Jawahar also offers you the unique opportunity to expose and enlighten yourself with the tribal way of life especially with the Warli paintings.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Igatpuri, 61 kms on Central Railway but Nashik is a more convenient railhead. On Western Railway, nearest railhead is Dahanu, 65 kms.
By Road: Mumbai-Jawhar, 180 Kms. via Kasara-Khodala, Mumbai-Jawhar, 166 Kms. via Kasara. Nashik-Jawhar, 80 Kms. Kasara-Jawhar, 39 kms. Trimbakeshwar-Jawhar, 56 kms.



Jayakwadi (Paithan) was formerly a prosperous trade center called as Pratishthan. It was once the capital of the famous Satavahan dynasty and was also home to the poet-saint Eknath. Today it’s the favourite haunt of archaeologists and is particularly well known for its paithanis. The beautiful silk sarees with elaborate Zari work. While in Paithan make sure to visit the beautiful garden and try your hand at the exciting water sport.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest Airport is Aurangabad, 60 kms.
By Rail: Nearest Railhead is Aurangabad, 60kms
By Road:Mumbai – Paithan via Manmad,438 kms.Mumbai – Paithan via Pune, 363 kms.Aurangabad – Paithan, 50 kms. Ahmadnagar – Paithan, 75 kms.


Khandala and Lonavala are two charming hill stations on the western slopes of the Sahyadris, 5 kms apart straddling the Mumbai-Pune highway at an altitude of 625 m. Very popular with Mumbaities, they also alternate as getaways and health resorts. Khandala is the smaller and calmer of the two, although browsing through Lonavala's bazaar could yield some wonderful surprises. Both towns offer some spectacular scenic views of the surrounding hills and in the monsoon, with a myraid waterfalls, the atmosphere is enchanting.

Karla about 12 kms from Lonavala, is the site of the largest chaitya Caves (shrines) in India, built in 80 BC. Amongst the best-preserved Buddhist temples in India, they represent the zenith, in terms of design purity, of this style of temple architecture. About 3 kms from the main road is the more peaceful setting of the Bhaja Caves. Thought to date from around 200 BC, 10 of the 18 Caves here are viharas (monasteries) while Cave 12 is an open chaitya earlier than Karla.

Getting There
By Air: Pune 66 kms away, is the nearest airport.
By Rail: All trains from Mumbai to Pune and the South stop at Lonavala. Mumbai is 104 kms away by road, the last 20 kms of which wind up the ghats through grueling switchbacks
By Road: Taxis and auto-rickshaws easily available in Lonavala and Khandala, are the best way of getting to and from Karla.



Here’s a chance to see India’s magnificent hypervelocity meteorite-impact crater. Lonar ranks 3 rd amongst the world’s five largest craters. Investigations reveal it to be around 40,000 years old. Within the depression lies a saline lake.

See the ruins of temples constructed in Hemadanti style, where Lord Narasimha, Ganesh, Renukadevi and Shiva were once worshipped. At the village around the crater, you can listen to many legends about Lonar. A fascinating sight is the presence of hundreds of peafowls, which live inside the crater. Besides other resident and migratory birds, you can spot monitor lizards, Hanuman langoors, chinkaras and gazelles, if you’re lucky.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad, 122 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Malkapur on the Mumbai-Bhusawal line.
By Road: Mumbai-Aurangabad-jalan-Lonar, 600 kms. Lonar-Buldhana, 95 kms. Lonar-Mehakar Taluka, 23kms. Lonar-Aurangabad, 145 kms



Mahabaleshwar was the summer capital of the erstwhile Bombay presidency. A popular town, with an air of unspoilt beauty, it meanders leisurely for 5 kms at an altitude of 1372 m. You can while away the hours boating or fishing at the placid Venna Lake or explore the walks or the thirty points that offer panoramic views of the valley and the sea.

The crystal waters of the numerous waterfalls are delight to bathe in. The adventurous could trek down to Pratapgarh Fort, 24 kms away where Shivaji dramatically bested General Afsal Khan. You could just roam through the tiny lanes of the bazaar, shopping for everything from shoes to luscious strawberries,blackberries,jams and jellies.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport pune, 120kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Wathar, but Pune is more convenient railhead.
By Road: Mumbai _ Mahabaleshwar via Mahad - 247kms.




Mahur (Mahurgad) is a well-known religious place and a birthplace of Lord Dattatray, which is visited by thousands of devotees and pilgrims throughout the year. The ancient Mahurgad Fort constructed in the 12 th century, is just two and a half kms. from the place. There are many temples in Mahur like Anusaya Temple, Kalika Temple. The most important one is temple of Renuka Devi, which has a special place in the Hindu mythology. A big fair is held here every year on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami (Dassera).

Getting There
By Air: Nearest Airport is Nagpur, 200 kms.
By Rail: The nearest railhead is Kinwat, 50 kms. but Nanded, 126 kms. is the more convenient railhead on South Central Railway.
By Road: Mumbai-Ahmedanagr-Paithan-Jalna-Washim-Pusad-Mahur, 717 kms. Mahurgad-Kinwat, 50 kms.



Malshej Ghat holds special value for hikers, trekkers and adventure lovers. The nature here is at its best. No wonder then that the most exotic migratory flamingoes choose it as their monsoon abode. Close at hand is Shivneri Fort (approx 40 kms.)., birthplace of the legendary Shivaji. The unusual hill has Buddhist Caves dating to the 3 rd century and is surmounted by an important historic fort.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai, 154 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Kalyan.
By Road: Mumbai-Malshej Ghat, 154 kms. via Murbad. Pune-Malshej Ghat via Alephata, 164 kms. Alephata-Malshej Ghat, 39 kms.



Matheran is an undulating hilltop cloaked in shady trees, that sprawls languidly at an altitude of 800 m. The journey involves an adventurous two-hour ascent in a toy train, with food and drink vendors and monkeys jumping on and off as the valley glides by sedately. Alternatively, a tough 11 km hike through thick and shady forests or a winding car drive can get you there just as well. Matheran's cliffs, with incredibely steep drops to the plains below,create stunning viewing points. These panoramic vistas, by day or by night, leave you feeling light headed. On a clear night you can even see the lights of Mumbai from Hart Point. In fact, all of Matheran is a series of such quixotically named points that are popular if isolated site for picnics and fireside revelry at night. Charlotte Lake, the Panther's Caves and Paymaster Park are Leisure, especially for children.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai, 100 kms.
By Rail: Mumbai-Neral, 90 kms. Neral-Matheran, 21 kms, Pune-Neral, 120 kms. (Neral-Matheran mountain train)
By Road: Mumbai-Neral-Matheran, 108 kms.



South of old Harnai fort, the palm-fringed beach of Murud is famous for its clean, white sands and safe waters. Visit the Goa Killa or Harnai Fort, which is built on different levels. See Panhale kazi, the Famous rock-cut monument, 30 kms. from Murud-Harnai. Stay in MTDC’s luxurious huts, and definitely sample the local Konkan cuisine.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Khed, 45 kms. on Konkan Rly.
By Road: Mumbai-Murud-Harnai, 247 kms via Panvel-Pen-Lonere Phata-Dapoli.



Formerly the capital town of the Siddis of Janjira, Murud is today popular for its alluring beach, whispering casurina, coconut and betel palms and an ancient fort. On a hillock to the north is the shrine of Lord Dattatreya, the three heads representing Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Battered on all four sides by sea waves, its strong walls yet standing intact and 40 feet high even at full tide is the majestic island fortress of the Siddis -- Murud-Janjira.

Never conquered by an enemy for over 350 years since its construction by the Ahmednagar rulers under the supervision of their regent Malik Ambar in the 15th century, Murud-Janjira is probably the only impregnable fort on the 720 km Maharashtra coastline. Neither the Portuguese nor the British could subjugate the fort. And the Marathas, despite their repeated attempts failed to subjugate the Siddi power. The palace of the Nawab and the Janjira Caves are also a must for the tourist. And just a few kilometres away are two undiscovered beaches: Nandgaon and Kashid. Nandgaon is famous for its Ganapati temple and the annual fair held in honour of ths elephant-headed god every February.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai, 65 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Roha 50 kms.
By Road: Mumbai-Murud-via Revdanda, 165 kms. Pune-Murud via Mahad, 230 kms. Alibag-Murud, 52 kms.




Nawegaon, Vidarbha’s most popular forest resort, is the ultimate adventure spot. It is said to have been built by Kolu Patel Kholi in the beginning of the 18 th century. There’s a picturesque lake set in the midst of hill ranges with watchtowers that enable you to view wildlife.

Make sure you visit the deer park, the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, the three beautiful gardens and the children’s park. Almost 60% of the bird species found in Maharashtra have been recorded in Nawegaon. Every winter, huge flocks of migratory ducks visit the lake. Sign up for jungle safari and you may see a leopard, sloth bear, gaur, sambar, chital or a languor.

Also stay in the unique tree-top retreat. And for more excitement, hire a power or sail boat at the lake.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Nagpur, 142 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Devalgaon, 1 km. On South Eastern Railway.
By Road: Mumbai-Nawegaon, 995 kms.(Mumbai-Nawegaon) Nagpur- Nawegaon, 132 kms. (Nagpur-Bhandara-Sakoli-Nawegaon). Devalgaon- Nawegaon, 1 km.




Panchgani derives its names from the five or 'panch' hills around it. At an altitude of 1334 m it is just 38 m below Mahabaleshwar. These 38 m translate themselves into a breathtaking 18 km approach offering heart-stopping views of the Krishna River on the one side and the coastal plains on the other. Panchagni is the quintessential residential hill station with an old world charm. This can be seen in the architecture of the British buildings, the Parsi houses and the boarding houses that have been around for a century or more. For glimpses of a vanished era, a special visit can be arranged to some of the old British and Parsi homes.

The walkways are thickly canopied by lush trees and vegetation. The Krishna meanders through tiny hamlets, farms and ravines, hundreds of meters below. Table Land, a flat mountain peak majestically overlooks the coastal plains. Hours can be spent at the bazaar -- Panchgani is one of those rare places that doesn't crowd anyone yet in its own unhurried way deeply touches every visitor.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Pune, 98 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Wathar, 45 kms om Miraj-Kolhapur section of South Central Railway. However convenient railhead is Pune.
By Road: Mumbai-Panchgani via Pune, 270 kms. Mumbai Panchgani via Mahad, 266 kms.




The most prominent pilgrim spot in and around Maharashtra. In the festive months of July- August (Ashadhi Ekadashi) the famous temple of Lord Vitthal draws thousands of devotees from all over the country.
For the devoutly religious, there are many other temples to visit such as the Lakshmi Temple, Pundalik Temple, The Vishnupad Temple, Trimbakeshwar Temple and Shri Ram Temple.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Pune, 204 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Pandharpur on the Kurduwadi Miraj line of South Central Railway.
By Road: Mumbai- Pandharpur, 386 ms, Pune-Pandharpur, 204 kms.



Set in an idyllic location, between Panshet Dam and Varasgaon Dam, Panshet offers you a holiday option that’s radically different. There are water sports galore! Kayaking, windsurfing, exciting rides in speedboats and on water scooters-all planned to excite the child in you. Besides, you can see Sinhagad fort and Sinhagad National park, Khadakvasla and the forts Torna and Raigad.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Pune, 45 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Pune.
By Road: Mumbai-Pune, 170 kms. Pune-Panshet, 45 kms. (Pune-Khadakvasla-Sinhagad-Panshet).




This is the very heart of Maratha country -- Raigad, the capital of Shivaji's kingdom. Strategically perched atop a wedge-shaped block of hill, split off from the Western Ghats and inaccessible from three sides. Stories of incredible valour and heroic deeds are etched on every pebble at Raigad. It was here that Shivaji built his capital city in the 14th century, and here that he crowned himself Chhatrapati. For six years upto his death, Raigad remained the capital of the Marathas with its broad gates and magnificent monuments. There was only one pathway leading to the top, and prizes were offered to those who scaled the fort through unconventional methods. Though parts of Raigad are in ruins, yet they inspire an aura of grandeur.

You can also visit Gangasagar Lake or worship at the nearby Jagadishwar Temple or pay your respects to the great Maratha warrior at his Samadhi.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Pune, 126 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Veer on Konkan Railway. (40 kms)
By Road: Mumbai-Raigad, 210 kms. via Mahad. Pune-Raigad, 126 kms. Mahad-Raigad, 27 kms.




The story goes that Shri Ram tarried here a while with Laxman and Sita. Hence, the name. It was here that the prolific Sanskrit poet Kalidas wrote his epic Meghdootam.

Besides the Shri. Ram Temple and the Kalidas Memorial, there’s Ramgiri Hill, Ramsagar Lake and Khindsey Lake making for enchanting sightseeing. There’s nothing like it if you can make it to the 15 days fair in Novemeber.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Nagpur, 58 kms.
By Rail: Ramtek is a station on South Central Railway and regular trains ply between Nagpur and Ramtek.
By Road: Mumbai-Ramtek via Nagpur, 913 kms. State Transport buses ply from Nagpur to Ramtek.



Shegaon, a municipal town in Khamgaon Teshsil is famous for the Samadhi of Shri Gajanan Maharaja mystic saint as popular as Saibaba of Shirdi. You’ll see a large number of pilgrims here, some coming from distant parts of Western Maharashtra, Vidarbha. Allegorically, Shegaon can be described as the Pandharpur of Vidarbha. Thousands of devotees pay their respects at the Samadhi every thousands of devotees pay their respects at the Samadhi every Thursday, which is regarded as a special day.

See the temple of Shri Ram, also constructed in the premises of the shrine. If you visit Shegaon on Ram Navami in Chaitra and on Rushi Panchmi in Bhadrapada month of the Hindu Calendar, you can also attend the fairs held here on these occasions.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Nagpur, 316 kms.
By Rail: Shegaon is a station on the Mumbai-Calcutta route of Central Railway.
By Road: Mumbai-Shegaon, 600 kms. (Mumbai-Nashik-Dhule-Jalgaon-Khamgaon-Shegaon) Nagpur-Shegaon, 316 kms. (Nagpur-Amravati-Akola-Ural-Gaigaon-Shegaon). Akola-Shegaon, 45 kms. (Akola-Ural-Gaigaon-Shegaon).




122 kms from Nashik is the abode of one of Maharashtra's most revered saint -- Sai Baba of Shirdi. Popularly known as the 'Child of God', Sai Baba preached tolerance towards all religions and the message of universal brotherhood.

Every activity at Shirdi revolves around the vast temple complex dedicated to Sai Baba. Devotees start queuing up in the early hours of dawn to catch a glimpse and seek the blessings of the life-size statue of Sai Baba. Thursday is marked by special pujas and darshan of the Sai Baba statue. There are other places of interest that devotees can visit as well including Dwarkamani Mosque where the Baba meditated and slept on alternate nights. Near the mosque, in a corridor is the dhani or eternal flame that burns day and night. Other places of importance are the Gurusthan, the Kandoba Temple, Shani Mandir, Narsimha Mandir, Changdev Maharaj Samadhi and the Sakori Ashram.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Kopargaon, 15 Kms. on the Manmad-Daund section of central Railway.
By Road: Mumbai-Shirdi,296 kms. (Mumbai-Nashik-Niphad-Yeola-Shirdi) Nashik-Shirdi 112 kms. Aurangabad-Shirdi 126 kms.(Aurangabad-Vaijapur Yeola-Kopargaon-Shirdi) Pune-Shirdi,183 kms. (Pune-Kalamba-sangmner-Talegaon-shirdi).



Situated 6 kms south of Malvan and 546 kms away from Mumbai on the coast of Maharashtra is Tarkarli. The mojar attraction here is the long and narrow stretch of beach, with its pristine water. On a clear day, you can see the sea bed through a depth of 20 ft.

Then, of course there are the forts, Singhudurg, one of Maharashtra’s more popular and importance sea forts, built in the 17 th century and the famous Padmagarh fort.

While in Tarkarli, make sure to visit the restaurant for the delectable cuisine and experience something unusual-staying in MTDC’s inviting Konkani Huts.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Dabolim (Goa).
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Kudal, 45kms. On konkan Railway.
By Road: Mumbai-Tarkarli, 546 kms. Kolhapur-Tarkarli, 160 kms. Malvan–Tarkarli 7kms.




A pilgrim center sacred twice over-for its Mahaganesh Temple and the temple of Shri Vithoba. Another fascinating temple is the one at Anbarnath, dating back to the 11 th century and built in the ‘Hemadpanti style or architecture.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai, 75 kms.
By Rail: Titwala is a station on Central Rly., but the more convenient railhead is Kalyan.
By Road: Mumbai - Titwala, 75 kms. via Kalyan.




The village of Trimbak, 36 kms from Nashik, is famous for the Trimbakeshwar Temple and as the source of the Godavari River. Trimbakeshwar enshrines one of the 12 jyotirlingas dedicated to Shiva and this one is considered to be the main jyotirlinga. Legend has it that Guatam Rishi performed a rigorous ritual of prayer and penance or tapasya to Shiva on Brahmagiri Hill which rises above the present-day temple. Pleased with this devotion, Shiva is said to have blessed him and brought down to earth from heaven the sacred rivers of Ganga, Gautami and Godavari.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Nashik, 44 kms on Central Railway.
By Road: Mumbai-Trimbakeshwar, 208 kms. Nashik-Trimbakeshwar, 28 kms.




Know for the holy temple of Tulja Bhawani (Goddess Durga). It is said that before venturing on a military expedition, Shivaji always sought her blessings. Legend has it that the Goddess gifted him sword- the Bhawani Talwaar-for success in his expedition. Important pilgrimage centers nearby are Pandharpur and Akkalkot.

Getting There
By Air: Nearest airport is Aurangabad, 257 kms.
By Rail: Mumbai-Tuljapur, 452 kms via Solapur. Aurangabad-Tuljapur, 257 kms. Solapur-Tuljapur, 40 kms. Osmanabad-Tuljapur 19 kms.

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